Panasonic 3DTV


 Global electronics giant Panasonic is running its Viera 3D “Crossroads” commercial – created by Brave – in 27 pan-European countries in a bid to establish the brand as the ‘owner’ of the 3D space.

 Brave is supporting the 30-second TV commercial with a full integrated campaign involving cinema, outdoor, press and digital. 

 The pan-European campaign broke in early October establishing Panasonic Viera as the dominant 3D force for Christmas 2010.  Aimed at ‘early adopters’, the advertising faced the challenge of conveying the magic of 3D via 2D screens – but Brave’s executive creative director Beri Cheetham explained that the agency came up with an idea which would demonstrate the feature.

 He said:  “It is always gratifying to win a major pitch on the strength of really great creative and our winning idea was rooted in the idea of ‘immersion’ and the way that 3D involves the viewer in the on-screen action.  Our ‘Crossroads’ commercial begins in 2D and features a girl standing at the centre of a big crossroad.  As the ad progresses, we see the scene slowly become 3D, with bulls running past, a car-chase and – finally – a car jumping out of the screen.”

 A longer version of the commercial will run in cinema and, in some countries will be ‘tailed’ with a ten-second ‘tag’ for Panasonic’s 3D consumer camcorder, which is the first to market.

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