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The Decline of Battersea Power Station

The iconic building is now on the ‘buildings at risk’ register. Photographer Peter Dazeley set out to document the legendary building as part of a personal project…

“It seems so sad that such a magnificent building has ended up in its present state,” says Dazeley, “and this series of photographs give a taste of its former splendour.” While photographing the site, Dazeley also realised that it has now become a sanctuary for all sorts of wildlife: pigeons, foxes, and peregrine falcons have all set up home there.

The series started out as a personal project recording the building’s decline but the results – which can be seen on his website – are also set to feature in this week’s Mail on Sunday Live magazine.

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A 4Square Meal

Continuing with the location-based theme of the day, McDonalds have seen great commercial benefit to this increasingly popular corner of social networking. Offering random $5 and $10 vouchers to customers who ‘Checked in’ at their stores. The project, reportedly costing only $1000 resulted in a 33% increase in foot traffic to store.

The company’s Head of Social Media, Rick Wion spoke of the game-changing learnings the company had made;  “I was able to go to some of our marketing people — some of whom had never heard of Foursquare — and say, ‘Guess what. With this one little effort, we were able to get a 33% increase in foot traffic to the stores’,”

Although other factors will have contributed to the success of the campaign, it proves that great gains can be made by companies willing to embrace the emerging communication medium.

Facebook Places hits the UK

Today saw the long awaited UK launch of Facebook Places – the location feature enabling you to check in to real-world places. Time will tell how Facebook will commercially utilise the service, and also the impact this new launch will have on other location based services from the likes of FourSquare and Gowalla. But suffice to day, we at Brave towers are checked-in and exploring interesting ways to put this exciting new service to good use.


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