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Your ad goes here. Free. Maybe.

We’re so focused on getting our clients a great ROI that we’ve even got our creatives scribbling away overtime to come up with ideas to try to win £125,000 of free advertising. And maybe for your brand…

Check out the CBS long copy competition here. And if you’re an existing or prospective client with a great product or brief that you think would make an awesome cross track underground poster, get in touch.


Brave + ShellsuitZombie

ShellsuitZombie have been on our radar for a while now, and when they came to us looking for support to launch the first edition of their magazine, how could we refuse? Providing support, advice and a stage for graduates in the creative arts, they’re committed to the emerging generation of creative professionals. Their magazine was a great read – from the exclusively designed cover by world-famous Eboy to grass-roots content from young designers, writers and artists as well as articles from industry bods like Adrian Shaughnessy and Sanky. They also covered our recent creative search ‘Skype Crits’. Well worth a read. Check out their site for a daily dose of the freshest talent in the land.