Keep it simple stupid

At Brave we like to do things simply, we like to talk to people, try to understand them and recognise that most consumers do not understand marketing theories and jargon.
One of the things I’m constantly reminding the team here is stop being so London centric, stop thinking only in the terms of your social life, family, upbringing, mates, some consumers like to pop to tesco in their pyjamas, some don’t aspire to the same things as you, basically try to think like the target and stop writing reams of words to sound clever, be succinct, be humorous if you feel it works but please be relevant.
Let me give you an example, I was looking at Marketing when i came across a feature on the launch of Dove Men +Care, as I read on I was told it was aimed clearly at guys like me. 40 plus, family in tow, but still thinking like we’re young men. Now having worked in this category I read on with interest.
The name immediately jarred, Dove Men I can get, as I’ve seen the real beauty campaign, even been forced to join in the debate over dinner and seen the products stuffed into our bathroom cabinet, affording me even less space than the average man gets anyway.
But what does Dove men + care mean? I know Dove has a history in skincare/moisture but for a older guy (the target) do we need this extra descriptor, it’s a deodorant, I stick it under my arm and hope i don’t sweat or smell, I’m not looking for a shoulder to cry on, my mother I hope still cares for me.
Let’s read on and listen to what the brand team has to say:
“It’s down to superior care for total skin comfort, “
“Same level of comfort we (men) expect for the rest of our lives”
Now I could be rude and say what a load of old marketing b…. but I won’t, I’m sure the brand manager who wrote this probably believes it. A more honest approach to efficacy and maybe fragrance might work, but the mindless waffle of marketers is at best dull and uninspiring and secondly just not very clever.

All well and good but on opening my bathroom cabinet this week Dove + men had appeared, my wife had decided it looked nice and I deserved some total skincare comfort, so what do I know.

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