Brave copywriter’s CV goes global!

You might think we wouldn’t be too happy about our creatives sending their CVs to every corner of the globe, but when they’re as simple and effective as this one, how could we say no?

Here, Ed talks us through his idea and how it came about. Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the original CV.


Put simply, a CV that received over 15,000 views in 2 days.

The originality of hosting it on Google maps and the site’s inherent searchability meant that once it found its way onto Twitter and a few key blogs, it spread quickly and globally.


Every day, all over the world, employers receive millions of CVs – the majority of which are dull, tired Word documents that do little to excite the reader or shed any light on the candidate’s personality.

We’re a creative industry – so why should our first point of contact be so uninspiring?

There are exceptions of course. We’ve received some gems ourselves – but they very rarely break the mould of an A4 piece of paper. Taking the format online seemed like a logical step – and judging by the overwhelming response, Google Maps is as effective a channel as any.


I’ve had loads of emails asking how to create a Google map. It’s pretty simple really – all you need is a Google account. So rather than bore you to death with a list of instructions, I think it’s probably easier if I just direct you to Google’s very own video guide.

What next?

We’re currently working on an exciting new application for Skype – and we need your help. If you’re a creative, graduate or student and you fancy getting involved – with the chance of earning a couple of weeks’ paid work experience at Brave – send your CV (and yes, we will accept word documents) plus some examples of work to

A couple of credits:

I had a sneaky suspicion when I first created this CV that someone must have had a similar idea in the past. As it happens, I was right. I’ve since been emailed two CV’s – one hosted on Google Earth from 2007 , and this one from Carren O’Keefe, another copywriter in New York. Finally, big thanks to Mike Litman, whose original Tweet was – as far as I’m aware – where everything went right.


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